GRS Anti-Slip Mat

Recycled Anti-Slip Mat Manufacturer

The goal of GRS is to increase use of Recycled material in products and reduced/eliminate the harm caused by its production.

Rongxin factory makes eco-friendly plastic material for household, we make main product as below :

  • Anti-sip Mat
  • Anti-bacterial Fridge Mat
  • Wire Shelf Liner
  • Anti-slip clear Stairs Tapes
  • Static Window Film
  • Disposable Cutting Board Sheet


All these material we used is in eco-friendly and recyclable. Due to the plastic bag banned rules is big trends , we focus on protecting the environment and make GRS related products for the market.


The main product for this GRS purpose is anti-slip mat. At first, we  recommend material is PE at present.It is normal and get a source from the recycled one is easy.


 Below is the 50% and 100% content GRS material anti slip mat. I

It can passed REACH TEST.It is a good choice and workable to use as drawer  liner.

Some information for sharing as below:

Product Name GRS Shelf Liner/Drawer Mat/Anti-slip Mat
Material PE
Popular Size 45X150CM
Temperature resistacne +60°C/-60°C
Capacity 650tons/month
OEM OEM is available
Appliacation Keep surface from scraching and add grips


To be frankly, it mus be some different from the brand new material. The production  of the GRS  will a big tolerance for the color and hardness of the mat. But finally the quality itself is acceptable by customers.


Some customers need TC and some customer will use GRS logo to show on the pack.

Rongxin can meet it, if we want to use it, it will take 25 days to apply for it.


Moment , a few customers begin to try the GRS anti-slip mat , we believe more and more customer will try this GRS standard shelf liners.

If you have any question or more information, welcome to contact with us.

Post time: 02-27-2023

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