The Use of Refrigerator Gaskets

Gasket, in fact, we are useful in many places, the common is the window, refrigerator, because the gasket is to strengthen the sealing effect, so if there is any problem with the gasket, the sealing nature is not good. Now is summer, the refrigerator is used very frequently, if there is a problem with the sealing gasket needs to be replaced, will you change it? Do not worry about, the following article for you to explain the replacement of refrigerator gasket maintenance methods.

Repair the sealing gasket of refrigerator door:

When refrigerator seals become hard or crack, their sealing effect will be weakened, greatly reducing the efficiency of the refrigerator. Check the seal on the door for air leaks, place a bill between the seal and the door frame, and close the door. Then pull out the bill. If there is resistance, the gasket is likely to be intact. If the banknote is pulled out effortlessly or falls down by itself, there is a problem with the gasket and it should be replaced in time. Gaskets should be tested in multiple locations around the door. Check door hinges for air leaks before replacing gaskets. The replacement method of refrigerator sealing pad is as follows: 1: Purchase a special sealing pad for refrigerator type. So-called “universal” gaskets may become useful after modification, but it will be difficult to cut according to the structure of the door. If you can’t determine the type of refrigerator, cut off a small sealing pad and take this sample to the electrical dealer to find a product that matches it. If it is necessary to order gaskets, then before the arrival of the goods, the sample can be glued back to the gap with rubber adhesive to make up for the time being. 2: Put the new gasket in the refrigerator room for 24 hours, so that it has the right temperature and humidity, or soak the gasket in hot water to make it flexible. 3: start to remove the old gasket. The gasket on the door is held in place with screws, clamps, or adhesives. It may have a positioning strip to help it take shape, and the strip can also be used as a marker or indicator when secured. In some types of refrigerators, gaskets can be fixed to the edge of the door panel, which is held in place with steel spring clamps, bolts, or screws. To remove the gasket, remove the fastener that holds it in place first, then remove any positioning inserts, and perhaps remove the fastener that holds the door panel in place. 4: only remove the fastener on one side of the door each time. Do not remove the whole door panel. If the gasket is fixed with a spring clip, be careful when prying the clip, do not exert too much force, because the clip under the effect of pressure, may spring out from the device position. If the gasket is held in place with adhesive, pry it open with a putty knife. 5: After removing the old gasket, wipe the unit area completely with a mixture of household cleaner and water. To remove stubborn sticks, scrub with a fine wire brush dipped in mineral oil and rinse with cleaner or water. 6: start to replace the gasket located at the top of the door. Replace the entire gasket along the side facing down. Place the gasket in the right position, evenly level and loosen the corner. If specifically requested by the manufacturer, use gasket adhesive to hold it in place. Be sure to lay the gasket flat without any curls or bumps. 7: Replace fasteners, locating inserts, or panels used to secure old gaskets. After the sealing gasket is placed in place, tighten or loosen the device bolts as required to adjust the cooperation between the sealing gasket and the door frame. If the sealing gasket has been glued in place, it is almost complete. Now just wait for the sealing gasket to stick to the door frame.

Post time: 03-23-2022

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